ERF 2014

1st workshop on Hybrid Production Systems

After a short introduction of the FP7 call “FoF.NMP.2013-7 New hybrid production systems in advanced factory environments based on new humanrobot interactive cooperation”, each of the projects will hold a short presentation elaborating on their objectives, pilot cases and envisioned results, as to provide context to the technical presentations.

This will be followed by technical presentations, which will focus on specific aspects of the projects, e.g. safety of the human, utilizing Augmented Reality for interaction with the human worker, ROS Industrial as underlying integration platform, etc.

Finally, a moderated discussion of the presented technologies, platforms and methodologies will be conducted focussing on additional requirements from the community, i.e. from outside the project consortia, as well as on the compatibility of the proposed solutions with each other and other established technologies.

Agenda of the Workshop